Industrial Lamp

Xenon Flash Lamp

제논 플래쉬 램프(Xenon Flash Lamp)


  • Xenon Flash Lamp provides a high-intensity UV flash (pulse) light through the visible to the infrared range.
    It is used for high speed instant UV curing, sintering and annealing by its superior penetrating depth,
    high energy efficiency and instant pulse energy minimizing damage on materials.


  • ▪ Pulse UV curing
  • ▪ Light source for Solar simulator
  • ▪ Photo sintering for semiconductor, Solar & LED wafer annealing


XF 560, XF 564, XF 672, XF 61700, XF 750, XF 790, XF 15400

  • * Products of other specification than those described above can be provided
    (The models above are representative ones)
  • * Please inquire about development request.