Industrial Lamp

Super High Pressure Capillary Mercury Lamp



  • Super High Pressure Capillary Mercury Lamp is a lamp using mercury's unique spectrum. This product is used
    for PCB, color cathode ray tube(CRT) and other exposure process. In particular, the width and shape of a
    fluorescent film and graphite film of a color CRT and the pattern of PCB are determined by the arc length,
    exposure time, and the luminance intensity of a lamp.


  • ▪ For PCB exposure, and other exposure process
  • ▪ Lead Frame & Semiconductor Exposure
  • ▪ UV Polymerization


CRT Exposure-SHC-425, CRT Exposure-SHC-630, PCB Exposure-SHC-695, PCB Exposure-SHC-690, PCB Exposure-SHC-6130, PCB Exposure-SHC-6140, PCB Exposure-SHC-682, PCB Exposure-SHC-6140L