Industrial Lamp

Low Pressure Mercury Lamp(High Power Type)

Low Pressure Mercury Lamp can dissolve organic substances of 50-100Å thickness in the air for
1 minute. This lamp can remove Even the atoms of organic substances floating in the air or the thin
film of organic solvents in a short period of time.


  • ▪ Optical cleansing of semiconductor, LCD and PDP
  • ▪ Surface improvement of a semiconductor, LCD and PDP
  • ▪ Water treatment(for potable water or recycling of waste water)
  • ▪ Air treatment (for air conditioning system)


LUV/S 200N, LUV/S 200U, LUV/S 155L, LUV/S 110U1, LUV/S 110L, LUV/S 90U1, LUV/S 90L, LUV/S 40


  • L Type
  • U Type
  • N Type