Metal Halide Lamp

Fishing Lamp

Fishing Lamp (집어등)


  • Unilam fishing lamp has superb color temperature and high penetration of light through scientific researches
    By concentrating on research over 15years, Unilam has more than 50% of market share in domestic, high
    market share shows Unilam fishing lamp quality from Korean fisherman.
    Now, Unilam seeks market exploitation to overseas.


  • ▪ Excellent performance with vivid color an beautiful luminance

    - Superb color temperature and luminance preservation
    - Magnificent penetration into the deep sea
    - Various lamp types

  • ▪ High ecolomical efficiency

    - It can last long with consistent excellence in performance
    - It performs economically with maximum velocity of light, 140lm/W by minimizing electricity losses


Fishing Lamps

MH 1500

MH 1500/L20

MH 1500/G

MH 1500/W

MH 1500/W2

MH 2000/L20/H

MH 2000/L40/H

MH 2000/L40/HL

MH 3000

MH 4000

MHT 2000

MHT 4000

Underwater fishing lamp

MHT 1000/US

MHT 1500/US

MHT 4000/US